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PLC Test- Rack

PLC software engineering

When working with programming development, structure is a keyword. Structure is something that is reflected in many areas. If everything around one is messy then it is difficult to work structured. MI-Control can now offer a test rack for PLC programming developers. You can set up your system in a clear way without messing up your writing desk.

PLC Test-Rack

Standard Features:

  • Based on the 19 inch standard
  • 230VAC power strip with 7 contacts, on / off switch and surge protector
  • Instrument mounting plate
  • 5 port industry Ethernet switch
  • TBLC 90-124 – Industrial power supply for DIN rail Adjustable 24 V / 3.75 A 90 W
  • 0.7m available DIN rail (35x15mm) for mounting components with DIN mount
  • Connection terminals for PE, 0V and + 24VDC
  • Cable ducts
  • Installation Kit

Options and additions:

  • Larger power supply
  • Various mounting plates
  • Test panel instrumentation (buttons, meters, monitor, etc)