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Control System

Our strategy is to be a high knowledge recourse to machine builders and others that needs a control system. We know control system design and are professional programmers. Our long field experience has given us a deep understanding of how control systems should be designed and what level of complexity that are needed in the project.


Some projects we have delivered:

  • Waste water pump control system
  • Control system for large scale pipe organs
  • Data collection/logging projects
  • Machine control system for hydraulic axis
  • 3D Simulator projects
  • Camera and light for harsh environments


MI- Control AS can deliver turnkey solutions including HW, SW and documentation ready to be installed on site and with the customer’s demand to certifications. We can assist in customer project with part deliverances and general project help.


MI-Control has deep knowlege of machine 3D simulators. Our simulators are developed within NI Labview environment. A 3D model from a CAD program is all it takes to create a virtual 3D machine simulator. Such a simulator is a great tool to be used during development of new control systems. A full control system function test can be performed without the physical machine connected. This saves time and cost.


3D simulators can be used for:

  • Engineering / Prototyping
  • Training of operators
  • Sale and marketing
  • Test and diagnostics


Such simulators are perfect for presenting a new product or prototype. The customer can test all machine function on a virtual machine running on a projected screen. All from a physical control panel.


More info in product section!




We have developed a modularization concept. This means most of our system is based on pre-defined HW and SW building blocks. This reduces costs significantly and increase quality and reliability of the control system.

The Control System is scalable from the smallest system to large systems with almost “unlimited” axes and I/O’s.

We build our control boxes and cabinets very compact. This can be achieved by choosing hardware in a way that internal cabling is minimized. Beckhoff offers over 400 I/O terminals that has smart functionality that could reduce the need of extra hardware. In addition these terminals have diagnostic features, helping to detect errors in the system.

We deliver advanced control functionality as standard. Our hydraulic axes control is based on servo motion algorithms. We have advanced diagnostics and alarming systems as standard. We also deliver condition based maintenance functionality. Custom functions can be created and implemented within the system. We also deliver HMI systems to customers demand.

Our long experience gives us important knowledge of what works in field. Involving us in early project stage will improve end results. We can then select the best instrumentation for the application. Reducing development cost and give high reliability of system components.

We try to be in front of technology development. We use “State of the Art” technology in our solutions. Most of software is built and implemented using Beckhoff TwinCAT 3. Instrumentation and other software is mostly based on fieldbuses. We prefer Profibus DP and EtherCAT as standard field buses. However, any standard field bus solution can be delivered.

Our Work Process

Function Description Specification. Approved by customer

In close cooperation with customer

Create drawings, software, testing, and technical / user documentation

Build control box according to certification requirements

FAT / SAT / Commissioning

Premium support and aftermarket services