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What we do

MI-Control is a Norwegian based company located in Kristiansand, Norway. We design, manufacture and install high-tech control system products according to customers demand. We deliver, but not limited to, systems for on-and
offshore energy industry. Our highly qualified team has deep control system knowledge and many years of field experience. We guarantee quality and expertise in all levels.


MI-Control build control system boxes and cabinets. Ready with hardware and software to provide complete solutions for our customers. We base our control systems on pre-defined and tested building blocks. This means well-proven
hardware and software components. MI-Control are up to date on modern technologies and implement this to provide the most efficient solutions.

Involving us in an early project stage could improve end-result significantly. We have years of experience regarding instrumentation and are up to date on latest technologies. Our team has deep knowledge on Beckhoff products and tools. We have specialists in programming using TwinCAT 3, NI Labview, and html5 based HMI. This is also the base tools in most of our solutions. For electrical design we use Autodesk Electrical and for project management we use Microsoft Project.  





HMI app for Android

Nov 25, 2019

MI-Control will soon launch an app for Android that will turn your Android device into a real industrial HMI monitor. The app can show any HTML5 based web page in full screen mode. The web browser is based on Cromium. Other features: Autostart at boot Keep screen on while app is active Lock view to […]

Integrated 3D Machine Simulator

Jan 18, 2018

Bring your control system to a new level! MI-Control AS can integrate a 3D machine simulator on the same machine controller (PLC) as where the machine control software is running. In fact, machine control, HMI/Scada, and simulator on a single embedded controller only. No extra computer or other hardware is necessary for the simulator software. This […]

Student project 2 (Winch AHC on Stewart platform)

Jan 11, 2018

This student project was a continuation of the first student project. This time with a student group from Mechatronics at UIA (University of Agder). The goal of this project was to test the AHC winch control system using real components. Setup system included a 1.2 ton hydraulic winch, an advanced hydraulic servo control valve from […]

Student project 1 (AHC winch control)

Jan 10, 2018

A student group from HSN (Høgskolen i Sørøst Norge) was running a project for MI-Control AS during spring 2016. Their task was to develop a mathematic model of an active heave compensated winch. This model was implemented in the MI-Control simulator software. Control functions were also developed for the machine PLC based control system. Finally, […]