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3D Machine Simulator

3D Machine Simulator

MI-Control AS are proud to present a new compact 3D Machine Simulator solution. This package contains full machine control system running on a PLC, Machine HMI system and a machine simulator running on a laptop. All placed in a box that can be transported easily to customer site. It is perfect for training of operators or presenting a machine for potential customers in a meeting room. The customer can run the machine on a projected screen using the real machine control interface (e.g. A wireless control panel from HBC or Cavotec, control Chair or other interfaces..). 

MI-Control customize this solution to your existing machine or prototype. The only thing we need is the machine 3D cad model and a function specification.

The physics of the machine is modelled to perform real dynamic behaviour. The machine PLC software then controls the simulator models. The functionality of the machine is implemented from a specification of how the machine shall operate.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you find 3D simulators interesting and think this could add value to your product. We can in an efficient way create a simulator of your machine 3D drawing and a specification of how your machine works.

Common usage of our machine simulators is:

  • Development of new control software functions
  • Training of machine operators
  • Marketing and sale presentations
  • Fault finding and hypnotic testing tool

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