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HMI app for Android

HMI Android App

MI-Control will soon launch an app for Android that will turn your Android device into a real industrial HMI monitor. The app can show any HTML5 based web page in full screen mode. The web browser is based on Cromium. Other features:

  • Autostart at boot
  • Keep screen on while app is active
  • Lock view to landscape or portrait mode
  • Bookmarks with selectable icon picture
  • Startpage
  • Kiosk mode

More news coming soon!

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Integrated 3D Machine Simulator

Bring your control system to a new level! MI-Control AS can integrate a 3D machine simulator on the same machine controller (PLC) as where the machine control software is running. In fact, machine control, HMI/Scada, and simulator on a single embedded controller only. No extra computer or other hardware is necessary for the simulator software. This introduce new interesting functionality and lower hardware cost. 

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Student project 2 (Winch AHC on Stewart platform)

This student project was a continuation of the first student project. This time with a student group from Mechatronics at UIA (University of Agder). The goal of this project was to test the AHC winch control system using real components. Setup system included a 1.2 ton hydraulic winch, an advanced hydraulic servo control valve from Parker with EtherCAT interface to our control system, an MRU was used to detect motions, and a Stewart platform to generate wave movement.

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Student project 1 (AHC winch control)

A student group from HSN (Høgskolen i Sørøst Norge) was running a project for MI-Control AS during spring 2016. Their task was to develop a mathematic model of an active heave compensated winch. This model was implemented in the MI-Control simulator software. Control functions were also developed for the machine PLC based control system. Finally, the full control and simulator system (Crane, Winch, Offshore oil rig and a Ship) was tested with success

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