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HMI Web Browser


Modern HMI / SCADA systems are based on standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JS. Most web browsers support these technologies and are often used as the HMI client. However these web browsers are not designed for practical use of machine HMI systems. They are mainly used for browsing the internet. They lack important functionality required for a machine HMI system. This App solves this.

App functionality

The HMI Web Browser is a special designed App for Android operating system. It is basically a web browser with extended functionality. The web browser is based on Cromium. The extended functionality are:

  • Full screen web browser
  • Home/Start page address with lock of orientation
  • Bookmarks with lock of orientation and selectable icon
  • Start App in fullscreen
  • Autostart App on device boot
  • Stay alive. Screen allways on
  • Kiosk mode. Lock App so it will not close unintendable
  • Security. Pin code on settings


Enter/leave fullscreen by tapping 3 times (quicly) with 2 fingers simultaniously


Normal Screen
Full Screen
Bookmark List
Edit Bookmark
Set Start/Home page
Pin Code on Settings

Get the app

The HMI web browser app can be downloaded for free from google play store:

This will give you the opotunity to test the app with all functionality. The free version is only limited by watermarks on the browser. To remove this you have to purchase the app from us. The purchase is per device.


  1. Download App from google play store
  2. Go to meny on app and select GSF Id
  3. Send contact info and the GSF id to us by selecting purchase button below
  4. You will get billing info from us. Price is 15 Euro
  5. When billing ok, then we send you a installation file for your Android device