Automation Control Systems

MI-Control delivers products and services to the industrial automation industry. Our main business is to create turnkey control systems based on the customer’s requirements. We also assist in the design of requirements specifications and the choice of instrumentation as well as handling aftermarked services.

We base most of our solutions on automation components from Beckhoff Automation. In our opinion, this is the world’s leading automation company and gives us full freedom to solve the most complex tasks. When we build our cabinets, we only use the best cabinet-building components from suppliers such as Phoenix Contact, Wago, Rittal, etc. We never compromise on quality and safety.

Have a look at some of our products below:

Pipe Organ Control System

We have introduced industrial open standards and solutions in our control systems for pipe organs. We rely only on industrial off-the-shelf components assembled into a system that has superior quality and functionality.

Carillon Control System

As for the pipe organs, we have created the control system for the carillon based on the same philosophy when it comes to the use of standard industrial components and solutions.

Other Control Systems

We know automation and can deliver solutions for most industries. If you have an automation project then do not hesitate to get in touch. We are competitive on price as we do not have a large administration.