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Integrated 3D Machine Simulator

Integrated 3D Machine Simulator

Bring your control system to a new level! MI-Control AS can integrate a 3D machine simulator on the same machine controller (PLC) as where the machine control software is running. In fact, machine control, HMI/Scada, and simulator on a single embedded controller only. No extra computer or other hardware is necessary for the simulator software. This introduce new interesting functionality and lower hardware cost. 

A 3D machine simulator could be extremely useful in this context. The 3D simulator is a virtual machine and have dynamic behaviour similar to the physical machine. The 3D simulator replaces the physical machine and the operator can refresh his/her operational machine skills on the simulator instead of on the physical machine. Still sitting in the operators chair in the field. 

Furthermore, the simulator is very useful for service and maintenance personal. It can be used to tune control software safely, or to test new control system functions on the simulated machine before applied to the physical machine. 

The simulator can run in a following mode as well. Then the virtual machine will follow movement of physical machine. This could be a helping tool for operators in live operations. You have a full graphical representation of all machine axes positions. In fact, you can change view point and see the machine from another angle. This opens up for interesting scenarios where you could run the machine without full view, only looking at the virtual 3D machine in the operator screen, assisted by cameras or other sensors if required.  

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