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PLC Test-Rack

MI-Control can now offer a test rack for PLC programming developers. You can set up your test and development system without messing up your work desk. The black plate in the middle is used to mount instrumentation like HMI screen, meter panels, buttons and lights. It can easely be changed for later projects.

PLC Test-Rack

Standard Features:

  • Based on the 19 inch standard
  • 230VAC power strip with 7 contacts, on / off switch and surge protector
  • Instrument mounting plate
  • 5 port industry Ethernet switch
  • TBLC 90-124 – Industrial power supply for DIN rail Adjustable 24 V / 3.75 A 90 W
  • 0.7m available DIN rail (35x15mm) for mounting components with DIN mount
  • Connection terminals for PE, 0V and + 24VDC
  • Cable ducts
  • Installation Kit

Options and additions:

  • Larger power supply
  • Various mounting plates
  • Test panel instrumentation (buttons, meters, monitor, etc)