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“We personalizes every product to the customers needs, which makes us unique”

We understand automation and can help you with any automation tasks you need to implement. The building blocks are often the same in different solutions. From building automation, infrastructure, aquaculture, process, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.

Some of the products and solutions we deliver are:

Pipe organ

Control system for church pipe organs

MI-Control AS builds and supplies advanced control systems for pipe organs to the Norwegian Organ Workshop and Ã…kerman & Lund Organ Building company. Together we have developed a modern system for controlling a classical pipe organ digitally. The system is scalable from simple small to large complex installations. The organ may consist of one or more consoles and organs. It can also be hybrid organs. Several additions can be integrated through MIDI functionality

HMI Android App

HMI Web Browser App

The HMI Web Browser is a special designed App for Android operating system. It is basically a web browser with extended functionality. The web browser is based on Cromium. It is optimized as a web client for HMI/SCADA systems and other web systems that can be reach from a network web url

data collection

Data collection system

MI-Control have developed a system for data collection. We can customize this system to your exact measurement tasks. Any field instrumentation (Hardwired or bus based) can be connected. High speed data collection is supported. We have different options for graphical presentation of the data or it could be connected to a top level system through different communication protocols (FTP, OPC-UA, MQTT, Etc.)

PLC Test-Rack

PLC Test-Rack

MI-Control can now offer a test rack for PLC programming developers. You can set up your test and development system without messing up your writing desk. The black plate in the middle is used to mount instrumentation like HMI screen, meter panels, buttons and lights. It can easely be changed for later projects.

3D Simulator

MI-Control has knowledge and experience on 3D machine simulators. We can develop different types of simulators based on customer needs. We turn a 3D CAD model into a virtual machine that can be controlled from a control system. Actuators and valves are modeled in the simulator model to give the model an almost equal response as the physical machine.