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3D Machine Simulator

Bring your control system to a new level!

MI-Control has knowledge and experience on 3D machine simulators. We can develop different types of simulators based on customer needs. We turn a 3D CAD model into a virtual machine that can be controlled from a control system. Actuators and valves are modeled in the simulator model to give the model an almost equal response as the physical machine.

simulator mathematic model

Such simulators are very useful in different contexts. For example, they can be used to market a new prototype machine. All you need is the 3D model of the machine. We will then create a virtual machine and a compact control system so that the machine can be controlled by the machine’s real control panel. The customer can then test all functions without the machine being built. Another useful feature of such simulators is training. Here, operators can practice operating the machine in a controlled environment without the risk of physical damage.

Another application for 3D simulator is to use this in testing and development against the machine’s control system. The simulator then becomes a useful tool for engineers and service personnel to test errors and new functionality before applied to the physical machine.

Integrated simulator

We can also integrate the 3D simulator into the control system itself so that you can choose to run the machine’s control system against the 3D simulator without extra hardware. The virtual machine is then presented in the machine’s HMI. This can provide new interesting features. The operator can then put the system into training mode and practice operating the machine without the physical machine moving. Furthermore, the simulator can be set to follow the position of the physical machine. This can provide extra security if there is poor visibility.

3D Simulator integrated into machine HMI