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Student project 2 (Winch AHC on Stewart platform)

Student project 2 (Winch AHC on Stewart platform)

This student project was a continuation of the first student project. This time with a student group from Mechatronics at UIA (University of Agder). The goal of this project was to test the AHC winch control system using real components. Setup system included a 1.2 ton hydraulic winch, an advanced hydraulic servo control valve from Parker with EtherCAT interface to our control system, an MRU was used to detect motions, and a Stewart platform to generate wave movement.

MI-Control is using the Advanced hydraulic motion library from Beckhoff Automation to control hydraulic axis. This was tested with great success. Our AHC algorithm was verified and different tuning approaches was performed. The project also included a comparison and verification of our winch simulator model

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